Lost & Found Pets

If a pet is lost you may contact City Hall at 281-326-1951 to inform us of your pet’s coloring, pet license, and last known location and we will let you know if someone calls in if the animal is found. If the city becomes aware of a lost dog or cat, we may temporarily kennel the pet for a couple of days until the owner can claim it.

The city does charge a fee for this service (minimum fee of $25 for the 1st day and $15 per day for each additional day) and payment will be required at the time the animal is claimed. Additionally, proof of rabies or a city license must be supplied before the animal can be released.

Please note that if the animal is not claimed within 4 days the city will relocate the animal to the Houston Humane Society.

Lost Pets


Unfortunately we’ve got another lost dog in our Lakeview kennel. If you can help find this dog find his way home, please call City Hall at 281-326-1951, ext. 111.


City maintenance picked up a friendly orange and white cat over on Seaway on Thursday, January 3rd. Apparently the cat is very friendly, so someone probably owns him.