History of Boy Scouting

As told by Charles Wheelwright on September 30, 2004, of the El Lago Historical Society, the following content has been edited for clarity and continuity.


Troop 95 started in February 1938 as part of the San Jacinto District. It was sponsored by the Seabrook United Methodist Church and met at the Seabrook Community Center. It is the oldest troop in the Bay Area. Kenneth Royal was the Scoutmaster from 1950 to 1962.

In 1962, Charles (Chuck) Wheelwright became Scoutmaster of Troop 95 and served until 1968. Don Holbrook then became Scoutmaster of Troop 95.

In 1968, Charles Wheelwright and Maynard Dalton started Post 95, a high adventure unit. The High Adventure Unit was for boys 16 or older who were interested in mountain climbing, white water rafting, river canoeing, long distance hiking (a 3-day, 50-mile hike; 4-day, 75-mile hike; and 7-day, 100-mile hike) and other more adventuresome outdoor activities. Mr. Wheelwright served as the Post Advisor.

Combining of Troops

Troop 950 formed in 1963 at the old Harris County Boys Home on FM 528, later called NASA Road 1. Harold Christman was Scoutmaster until 2002; he passed away in 2002. The troop became inactive later that year due to the lack of finding a new Scoutmaster.

In September 1964, the Bayshore District was formed, composed of Troops 95, 595, 579 and 950. It was carved from the San Jacinto District.

Formation of New Troops

Scoutmaster Charles Wheelwright helped start Troop 795 and 895. Charted in 1966, Troop 795 was an El Lago troop sponsored by Ed White Elementary School. Scoutmaster Bob Span led the meetings held at Ed White School. Shortly after Troop 795 was established, Pack 795 was chartered in September 1967. It was also sponsored by Ed White Elementary School and their meetings were there. After the pack formed, 4 dens held their meetings in individual homes in El Lago.

Troop 895 was an El Jardin troop sponsored by Bay Elementary School. Dan Standish was the Scoutmaster with meetings held at the Seabrook Community Center. By this time, Troop 95 no longer met in the Seabrook Community Center, but in the Seabrook United Methodist Church.

Troops were defined by location, but the boys could choose the troop of their choice to join. During this period, each troop would average 45 to 60 boys at a time.

Clear Lake Forest Troops

By 1972, the Bay Area had grown and there was a need for more troops. Troop 952 was started in 1972. Troop 953 began in 1974. Both were located in Clear Lake Forest and sponsored by the homeowners association. Ken Pierce was Scoutmaster of Troop 952 and Mike Hazelings was Scoutmaster of Troop 953. Both Troops met at the Scout House on Baronridge.

Scouting Today

Over the years, the number of children of scouting age has dropped. Along with the number of troops in the area has also declined. Both 795 and 895 were deactivated in the early 1970s. Today only Troops 95 and 952 are active. Troop 95 is the Seabrook Troop. Since the loss of Troop 795, Pack 795 is now Pack 952 and supports Troop 952. Pack 952 provides the pancake breakfast today. The El Lago Pack is now Pack 952. Troop 952 serves the Taylor Lake and EL Lago communities; however, the boys may choose which troop they would like to join.

Pancake Breakfast Fund Raiser

For a fundraiser, Troop 795 started the annual pancake breakfast in 1967. It is held the 1st Saturday in December. For many years the breakfast was held in the Ed White Elementary School cafeteria. In December 2004, the location was changed to the Taylor Lake Christian Church located on Old Kirby Road. Since the loss of Troop 795, Pack 952 provides the pancake breakfast today.

Venture Units

Venture Unit 952 is operating in Clear Lake Forest, meeting at the Scout House on Baronridge. It was organized in 2003. The Post Advisor is Jim Daniel.

Venture Unit 95 was formed in Seabrook in September 2004, for boys and girls interested in high adventure. The unit meeting at Seabrook United Methodist Church and is sponsored by the church. The unit is supported by Troop 95. The Post Advisor is Chris Kilpatrick.