Posted on: December 18, 2014

Making an Emergency Call Work Effectively

911 Calling_thumb.jpg

Hopefully, no one will have to make a 911 emergency call, but when you must use the 911 system, please be aware of the differences when calling from a home (land line) versus a cell phone.

HOME (LAND LINE) PHONE - Calling 911 from your home phone (land line) will virtually guarantee you reaching the Lakeview police Dispatch. The average response time when calling 911 from your home phone or land line is approximately 3 minutes.

CELL PHONE - Calling 911 using a cell phone may or may not connect you directly to the Lakeview Police Dispatch. Not getting directly connected may add minutes to the response time which could be bad news if it is a time critical emergency call. To ensure always reaching the Lakeview Police Dispatch when using a cell phone you can 1) call 911 and then immedietly ask to be connected to the Lakeview Police Dispatch or 2) you can simply save the Lakeview Police Dispatch number in your cell phone memory. The number is 281-326-5900.

Remember, whenever calling 911 it is important to give them the address, including the city, where you are located.

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