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McNair Memorial Park and Pavilion


  1. Baseball / Softball (optional)
  2. Basketball Court (optional)
  3. Parking (optional)
  4. Pathway (optional)
  5. Pavilion (optional)
  6. Picnic Areas (optional)
  7. Playground (optional)
McNair Memorial Park dedication marker

McNair Memorial Park is named after Space Shuttle Challenger Astronaut Ronald McNair.


This park has large-scale play equipment, covered picnicking areas, baseball fields, a newly constructed all-purpose pavilion, restroom facilities and additional park amenities.

For rental or related usage of the Park's pavilion, please fill out and return this Pavilion Rental Agreement Form to El Lago City Hall.

For further information, or to make field reservations, contact the El Lago City Clerk at 281-326-1951 or at