Emergency Calling Networks

El Lago has 2 different ways to call residents when we have a local or area-wide emergency. It is important to note that both systems are free to the residents and that you need to be signed up for both systems as each would be used under different emergency situations.

Connect-CTY Emergency Notification System

The 1st notification system is through a network that the city purchases on an annual basis and is used when we are regularly notifying residents of a potential threat or are keeping you abreast of an ongoing situation. The Connect-CTY Emergency Notification System was widely used during Hurricane Ike to let residents know about evacuations, when it was safe to return and whether or not the water was safe to drink. This system is also used when we have civic announcements such as citywide events of which we wish to notify you.

Greater Harris County 911 Emergency Network

The 2nd system is through the Greater Harris County 911 Emergency Network and would likely be used in a sudden emergency event such as a chemical / hazardous material release or dangerous suspect. This system is used only for emergency notification.

While both systems are able to automatically download regular landline phone numbers, all cell phones and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones must be individually registered by the owners.