Utility Providers

Water/Sewer: Harris County Water Control and Improvement District #50, phone 281-326-5573. WCID #50 offices are located at 1122 Cedar Lane in El Lago. A contract for service must be signed and a deposit is required for water connection. The deposit will be refunded upon leaving the District.

Electricity: There are many electricity providers available from which to choose and most can be found by doing a quick web search. However, please be aware that all lines and poles within the city are maintained by Centerpoint Energy. Streetlight outages can be reported directly to Centerpoint by clicking on the “report Streetlight Outages” link. Please have the pole number, which is located up the pole on each light, available when reporting outages.

Natural Gas: Centerpoint Energy.  You can apply online here . An application for service is required and a deposit may be needed.

Phone: Land phone lines in El Lago are available through Frontier, (800) 921-8101.

Cable Television: Comcast Cable is available by contacting Customer Service (281) 774-7222. Various companies provide internet service and can be located by doing a quick web search.