Proud Landscape Contest Winners

By: El Lago Parks Board

Let's face it, we were starting to look a bit shabby. Sometimes our lives get so busy we can't see what needs to be done closest to home. Everybody knows a little competition tends to bring out a friendly rivalry between neighbors, so the El Lago Parks Board reinstated the long-forgotten El Lago Proud Landscape Contest back in 2012. This contest had been abandoned years ago for various reasons, now forgotten. Neighbors took a critical look at their landscapes, saw where improvements could be made and got to work. The results were amazing. This contest is held each spring and fall in our small city and this pursuit benefits all of us. It keeps our property values up and makes El Lago a desirable place to live and raise a family. Many homeowner parents encourage their youngsters to get involved in beautifying the appearance of their house and its surroundings. Working couples short on time even manage to create an attractive view to passers-by. Even though many of us are empty nesters, we still take pride in the appearance of our homes and appreciate the time we have to keep our landscapes looking good. Many went above and beyond this fall, and in that regard, the El Lago Parks Board would like to issue congratulations to the following:

El Lago Section Three

  • Winner: 217 Bayou View Drive
  • Runner-up: 303 Cedar Lane

El Lago Section Four

  • Winner: 426 Willow Vista Drive
  • Runner up: 914 Cedar Lane

El Lago Estates

  • Winner: 523 Misty Lake Drive
  • Runner-up: 1419 Creek Hollow Drive


  • Winner: 615 Crestwood Drive
  • Runner-up:: 419 Hedgecroft Drive

As in the past, in order to be completely fair the judges were not El Lago residents, and again it has been noted that as they drove through the neighborhood some addresses were not visible. If you had an outstanding landscape, but not a clearly discernible address, your efforts were unfortunately disregarded. If judges can't determine your address, could the fire department, police department or an ambulance find you? While the winning landscapes are still at their best, go by and take a look - you may get some ideas for your own landscape.

First Place Winners are not eligible to win again for two years. Time flies - It's not too early to start planning for the next season's contest - your neighbors are!